Rémi Thériault obtained his B.A. Psychology and M.Sc. Psychiatry from McGill University, Montréal, Québec. His undergraduate research has principally focused on exploring the mind-body connection through the placebo effect and the malleability of the sense of embodiment. His Master’s research focused on psychological strategies to increase empathy and reduce intergroup prejudice, such as taking others’ perspective using virtual reality technology. His current doctoral research at UQAM explores ways to boost altruism and reduce aggression through loving-kindness meditation. He also currently is a lecturer at the Department of Psychology. Overall, Rémi is passionate about putting social-psychological research to use to increase people’s wellbeing and intrinsic motivation to help one another.

His research interests center around three themes: (1) self-control and morality, (2) attention and concentration, and (3) wisdom and integrity.


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